3D Graphics

My works to date have all been for the companies that I have worked for. I will be posting some new images of my own works soon.

Philosophy - 3D Graphics

Photo Realistic Rendering

For years Photo Realistic rendering was regarded as the high goal of computer graphics. I say was because that level has already been reached. While I understand why and where Photo Realistic rendering has it´s uses, I really do not like it. Let me be clear here, I am not talking about live action films, I am talking about fully rendered films. For live action films, the need for Photo Realistic films is self evident. How out of place would the Terminator morphing out of the floor look if it had been cell shaded?

What I'm talking about is setting out to create a rendered / animated film and trying to make it look Photo Realistic. To me that is the crutch of the truly unimaginative. Think of any good animated film and think of how the style impacted the film. I have a great of respect for film makers who try out a different visual style. If all you are trying to do is to create what can already be seen, why not just go and film it? There are some visual styles that I am not fond of, yet I fully respect the artists because they chose to do something different.